Park and Sell

"THE EASY WAY TO BUY OR SELL YOUR CAR" in Centurion, Gauteng!

Park and SellIncrease your sales market and reduce the stress and hassle of buying or selling your car.

We'll handle any enquiries from prospective purchasers, as well as organising test drives. We can also offer easy finance options, mechanical warranties and inspections for purchasers of your vehicle.

What is park and sell?

Park and Sell is an arrangement with a motor dealer to park your vehicle on a their showroom to sell it on your behalf at an negotiated price. You do not have to negotiate with potential buyers and it also prevents strangers (criminals) calling at your home.

How much does it cost?

It doesn't cost you anything. We negotiate the amount you want for your vehicle, we add our commission on top of your price and park it on our showroom to sell. We will always contact you if there is a reasonable offer for you to consider. After we sold the vehicle on your behalf and received the money we will transfer your money to you.

What are the benefits?

Park and Sell puts you in control of your asking price and you should get more for your vehicle than to sell / trade it in at a motor dealership. You do not risk your (and your family's) safety. You do not have to negotiate with buyers. Bank approved motor dealers are able to finance your vehicle if the buyer qualifies; private buyers/sellers cannot arrange finance through the banks. Private sellers will have to get a cash buyer.


Make sure that you deal with reputed motor dealers! There are always risks involved in any business. Normally the bank approved dealers are safe to do business with because they have to answer to the banks if your vehicle was financed; any wrong doing will bring their status with the banks in disrepute and they could lose their bank finance arrangement. Keep your vehicle's original Natis (registration) certificate until such time that your vehicle has been sold and insist to see the bank's approval document on your vehicle's deal before giving it to the dealer. Insist on a written and signed undertaking from the dealer to pay you as soon as they received the payout from the bank and get copies of the Natis and licence papers of the new owner to make sure that the vehicle has been transferred from your name; you could end up with traffic fines and licence monies if the car stays on your name!

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